The smartphone object biography is the online archive of the research project Times of Waste; the project is realized by Flavia Caviezel, Mirjam Bürgin, Anselm Caminada, Adrian Demleitner, Marion Mertens, Yvonne Volkart and Sonia Malpeso, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, and located in the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures / Critical Media Lab of the Academy of Art and Design FHNW.

Conception & realization: Research team Times of Waste
English translation: Peter Burleigh


The texts have emerged from observations and conversations that we have had with people during our research in the various institutions, as well as from studies they have made available to us:

Office for Environment and Energy Basel-Stadt: Martin Lüchinger, Timo Weber
Landfill Elbisgraben: Heinz Schaub, Pablo Schori
DHZ Lufingen: Benjamin Blumer, and Marco Weber
Empa St. Gallen: Heinz Böni, Patrick Wäger and Rolf Widmer
Fairphone: Miquel Ballester
Geomicrobiology, University of Tübingen: Andreas Kappler, Jing He
Helvetrade SA, Lausanne: Cyril Nguyen
University of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil: Rainer Bunge
Immark AG: Enrico Leoni
ITRI/ITSCI/PACT: Mickael Daudin, PACT reporting officer
Refuse incineration plant Basel: Johannes Allesch, Hanspeter Geugelin, Daniel Baumberger, Max Duss, Markus Hediger, Kurt Kaspar, René Kress, Erik Rummer, Hans Stocker, Kurt Wenk
Heinz Leuenberger, Chief Technical Advisor UNIDO
Novis GmbH, Tübingen: Thomas Helle, Benjamin Gann
RS Switzerland: Jérôme Grandgirard, Romina Hofer
Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Germany: Jörg Wiedermann, Thomas Budde, Stefan Gut
SHIFTphones Switzerland: Claudio Alder, Anna Muser
Swico: Jean-Marc Hensch
Umicore, Germany: Christian Hagelüken, Nadine Hauschildt Peter Oertlin
World Resources Forum: Mathias Schluep

Basel, August 2018

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